Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Blog Turns Into Obedience on Sunday

So, I'm supposed to be writing a book.  My book, my story.  I've always felt that I was supposed to, but was waiting for the Lord to release me to do so.  He finally released me to in the Spring of 2010.  I was sitting on the porch of our hotel room in Hawaii, celebrating my recent engagement.  The Lord simply dropped two words into my Spirit, "It's time."

I am not anyone famous that one would want to read my autobiography, but I have a story.  We all do.  And I am writing mine.  Well, honestly, I've been writing it since 2010.  I haven't gotten very far and often have writer's block.  I've taken some good advice from a friend who just finished her first book. She said, "Make a time to write, pray, and then write as the Lord leads you."  She didn't say those exact words, but something along those lines.  It was SO FREEING for me!  I wasn't relying on the Lord to write my story.  I was trying to do it myself.  So, from now on, my weekly blog entry will be dedicated to writing my story, as I rely on God.  You, my readers, will get to read my story as it unfolds. Bits and pieces will be posted here for you to enjoy. I'm not writing in chronological order, so you'll get random tidbits. I hope you will love reading how God took an ex-druggie, low-income wanderer from a broken home and thrust me into world-wide ministry by the time I was 28.

This is my story .  This is His story.  This is Our story.

Kenya, Africa 2008

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