Friday, October 21, 2011

Knit Together In My Mother's Womb

What a joyous occasion! The Lord has blessed my womb. He is creating a daughter or son of His right now. He started five weeks ago. It will take 40 weeks to complete His masterpiece. He is joyful, whistling, singing as He creates. He is thinking of plans for this child. His heart is filled with a Daddy's warmth.

He is fearfully and wonderfully knitting a creation within me. My body is changing in response. Something the size of a sesame seed is bringing such Joy, contentment, and reaching a deep desire to know Him better. My baby is deep crying to deep.

My dear friend, Liza, said, "Pregnancy is a holy time." May I learn of Your heart, Father through this time and may my baby be full of Shalom.