Saturday, February 11, 2012

Distractions, Facebook, and Confidence

There is so much to be DISTRACTED by these days. Have any of you seen pinterest!? That alone, coupled with pics of Jay Z and Beyonce's daughter are enough to send me into a mind-internet stupor for hours. Then, when I'm bored with that I can lazily make my way to Facebook where I can spend hours of my time filling my mind with other people's emotions and thoughts. Most of the time, I'm reading information that I don't even care about. I'm feeling my heart with other's criticism, negativity, worries, and allowing those who have no sphere of influence in my life, to have GREAT influence!

My old FACEBOOK page boasted 1200 "friends." The new one I've created in my past year and a half of marriage only has my inner circle of 500. My current Facebook problem is, there are many critical people. I see people passively attacking people through statuses, taking anger out on their husbands through statuses, being bold about issues that face-to-face they clam up about. None of this interests me and yet I welcome it into my life on a daily basis. Why? Once I "accept" a "friend," there's no turning back. Someone that seems bubbly and nice is really miserable via status. Someone that is a shy intellectual displays passive aggressiveness through statuses. And I'm stuck. I can't remove them. I like them in real life. The best I can do is block their statuses from my newsfeed. Then, there comes days like today. Cold, snowy, dark, bored days. And I start creeping on all my blocked people, see their bitterness and fill my mind with it all over again! Why do I draw myself to those that I long to be NOTHING like? Whose opinions steal my peace and fill my heart with anxiousness? Whose statuses make me wish Facebook didn't exist so I never learned their inner thoughts and only knew their facade of reality when we bumped shoulders?

CONFIDENCE. I'm on Facebook for love, freedom, and social networking. I'm not on there to talk smack on my family, to judge my church family, nor to be distracted by people whom I long to be nothing like. I'm on there to encourage acquaintances to not give up, to send love letters to my husband just because, to watch my stepchildren enjoy high school, and to keep up on birthdays of those I love. I am confident that I live the Call on my life to the best of my ability, not for the naysayers, but for those who are truth seekers. Today is a definitive day. A day where I say, "no more!" No more reading criticism, no more allowing distractions to overtake me, no more feeding my mind with critical judgement.

"Haters talk behind my back...and that's where they'll stay."