Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being Real is Difficult

Since I was a little youngster, I have always been a writer.  It has come naturally to me.  My Grandfather is also a gifted writer; however, with all natural gifts, they MUST be practiced to continuously grow and perfect.  I stalled on writing for a long time.  I have never found an identity in writing; however, I have many friends who ARE “writers.”  Their passion and continual pursuit spurred me on to open my gift again. 

First, I felt it was time to write my life story.  I’m not anyone famous, but since rededicating my life to the Lord in 2002, I always sensed He would have me write my story.  In 2009, He finally released me to do so…and it’s been hard.  I have to dedicate myself to it daily.  I am renewing that dedication this week. 

Secondly, I decided that I would write one blog a week.  It seemed like a simple goal, but I have found it to be very hard!  Here it is Sunday and although I had many ideas for blogs this week, I didn’t write one.  But, I have had many things on my mind this week.  Some things are very emotionally painful.  Others are practical mom issues.  Some are deep, cried-out prayers.  And in between all of this, is a lot of random ridiculousness.  So, below is a list of lessons I am learning this week by thoughtfulness, reading, and the Holy Spirit.  It is also a list of random, only-Dawn-would-think-isms.   Enjoy, hate, disagree, and most importantly, read. J 

*Disclaimer warning for those who don’t know me:  I’m a Christian with a crazy past, bless her heart.  So both Christians and non-Christians may be offended, bless your hearts. This disclaimer is terrible proof that I have a hard time just being real.  The problem is, God didn't make another me.

1)     Church discipline is always for restoration, for building up and not for tearing down.  If someone desires to see another yelled out, criticized and ostracized, it is not of God.

2)     Love others because Christ loves us whether or not they love you back.

3)    Girls go out and party, then somewhere between midnight-2 a.m. they decide it’s good to take a self portrait of their looking-awesomeness and post it on facebook, almost immediately making it their profile picture.  They think they look fly-eye make-up is smeared, eyes are glassy, lips lack luster.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I enjoy these pics and laugh because to the rest of us, you just look like a hot mess.  Mine have been deleted.

4)     My husband is a beautiful person.

5)     I’m pro-vaccine.  FDR had polio.  I don’t want my daughter to catch it, or anyone for that matter.

6)     I want to save a grand and buy a well in a third-world African country.  Why don’t we all do this?

7)    Sometimes the Lord prunes dead branches in our lives.  Sometimes we are the dead branch.  Don’t try to reattach dead branches.

8)    The biggest lie this generation is facing is that all paths lead to God and that all gods are equal. It’s not true. There is One True God and not all roads lead to Him.

9)     My beautiful daughter wants all my attention right now and she deserves it, so until next Sunday…

10)   Shalom

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