Thursday, June 28, 2012

41 Weeks

Confirmed Pregnancy Test October 2011

It's the night before my 7 a.m. induction.  I have had a day filled with the still presence of God.  There has been a shalom surrounding me like a thick mist.  I know it's from the amount of people praying for me.  So often we say, "I'll pray for you," as a means to make someone feel better.  People who don't even believe in the power of prayer say it, but I REALLY believe that prayer to Father God in the name of Jesus WORKS. Jesus said, "Anything you ask in my name is yours to have."  I believe this and I believe that many REALLY are praying for me.  They aren't just saying it.

This was my Facebook status this morning:
Tomorrow I will be at one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation, in a state of the art birthing center, with my favorite OB who happens to be a Christian and was the one who visited me when I was hospitalized for heart problems (I have six physicians in my OB practice). My darling husband, mom, and close friend will be by my side as I work through labor. Ella will join us later along with the rest of my family. My whole life is about to change...

55 people "liked" this status and there are 20 comments on it.  When I looked through the people that "liked" it, I was overcome with emotion.  I sat at my computer and cried.  Men and women from all over the world, from all walks of life, had "liked" the status.  These were people that I had crossed paths with over ten years of life lived throughout the world.  Now, they are all rejoicing with what the Lord has done.  They have offered love, support, encouragement, and I am strengthened.

There is Brett whom I met in Pittsburgh eight years ago.  We have walked through the fire together, played in the woods for hours together, drank mad amounts of coffee, and spent time getting to know the craziest of crazies in the South Side.  She is mom to a five month old and expecting.  She "liked" my status.

There is Maryellen whom I met at Lifestone Church two years ago.  From the time I met her, I felt a special appreciation and protectiveness for her.  She has a definite call on her life that is unique and special.  The first time I heard her speak at church, she had a confident air of expectancy about her.  I have the honor of being in her wedding next year.  She "liked" my status.

There is Courtney whom I was neighbors with in Florida three years ago.  She is a teenager that used to come over for sausage and yellow rice.  She, at one point, said that I introduced her to God.  Wow, what a privilege.  She "liked" my status.

There is Stacy whom I lived one crazy year in Los Angeles with in 2005-2006.  We traveled through the city and States out West with 25 young adults, spreading God's love through dance, human video, spoken Word and servant-hood.  She "liked" my status.

There is Diamond whom I met in Los Angeles in 2005 when she was graduating from a discipleship program.  She and I used to go to Skid Row and bring the homeless and hurting to church with us every Thursday night.  She is a mom now and has offered countless words of encouragement and advice to me.  She "liked" my status.

There is Tracey whom I went to Kenya, Africa with in 2006; Jamie whom led a bible study in Dormont that I attended for years.  She taught me a song that impacted me significantly, "I'm listening, Lord, speak to me,"; Katherine from Australia whom I saw get baptized in Israel in 2006, then we led an Israel young adult adventure tour together in 2009; Andrea with whom I'm a medical billing supervisor and has lent countless hours of support and advice to me; Eldon, my Father in Law; Jason with whom I spent Friday nights in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, handing out water to party goers and letting them know there is another way to live; Patrick, my youngest brother's best friend; and Brianna whom I've known since she was just a little kid, growing up at South Hills Assembly and is now a beautiful teenager.  They "liked" my status.

There was a time that I thought none of this would be possible.  None as in, no baby, no husband, no traveling, no friendships, and definitely no ministry.  There was a dark, dark time of my life in which God was not welcomed.  This season lasted several years until the God of the Universe reached down, plucked me out of the evil life I had created and said, "This one's mine."

Tomorrow, I celebrate restoration.  I celebrate my Jesus.  I celebrate the husband He gave me to enjoy life with.  I celebrate a daughter that cannot replace the 14 year old I should have, but brings full circle God's promises to restore when we surrender to Him.  I celebrate the joy that is surrounding me that lacked when I was 16.

Today I am reminded that, "My ways are not your ways, neither are your thoughts my thoughts.  For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."  Isaiah 55:8-9

My darling daughter, tomorrow, I welcome you.


  1. oh dawny! how great God is! thank you for so consistently giving Him glory for the amazing plans He continues to work out in your life! i can't wait for you to meet your little miracle! love you!

  2. This is beautiful, Dawn. Congratulations! Much love to you, Scott and your precious little Ella. Praying for you today.

  3. I am crying, pure tears of joy! Love you Dawnie =)